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12 Best Stock Photo Sites in 2023 Updated


But for the artists and upstarts who aren’t there yet, FREE stock photo sites are the only viable option, and luckily for them, there are more of these than ever before. It’s quick and easy to select and download the images you want. This is ideal for people who work with images where sourcing them is the least of their worries.

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Yes, there are free stock photo sites that are solely or mainly dedicated to offering free stock images. By all means, royalty-free stock photos are the safest option in images for commercial use. They are legally verified and backed up by big, serious companies that are experts in media licensing.

The only downside here is that the site is still not very https://trading-market.org/, so it doesn’t get a lot of daily traffic. That means it’s not guaranteed that clients will have the chance to stumble upon your work. Now, they have a new submission platform and each user has to keyword his/her photos individually.

Freerange – Free Stock Photo for Every Topic

Uploads are fairly easy and straightforward with options for FTP, Java or basic uploader. IStock has a number of different payment options open to potential customers. Each individual credit is worth approximately $11.00 USD, and images and videos generally cost between 3-6 credits each.

See the photos that won National Geographic’s ‘Pictures of the Year’ contest – CNBC

See the photos that won National Geographic’s ‘Pictures of the Year’ contest.

Posted: Fri, 17 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Shutterstock is considered by many photographers to be among the top three stock imagery sites today. Shutterstock offers free registration, and commission rates start at 25%. Since Shutterstock is one of the main hubs for stock photography however, photographers face a decent amount of competition. To get accepted into Shutterstock, you must submit 10 photographs, 7 of which must be approved. The name Royalty-Free refers to the fact that one license lets you use a photo multiple times, in multiple projects, and for as long as you want without ever having to pay royalties. You might find, however, some sources offering them free of charge.

Life of Pix is a resource created by the LEEROY creative agency offering free high-resolution photos with no copyright restrictions. Burst is a resource from Shopify that provides free stock photos for entrepreneurs. Some photos are licensed under Creative Commons CC0 while others fall under Shopify’s own photo license.

Shutterstock Review: Does This Big-Name Site Deliver?

Premium stock image websites generally offer images which are of a higher quality than those which you can find on a free stock image website. There are several collections to view, and Picjumbo daily adds new photos in a wide variety of categories. Rest assured, you’ll have plenty of high-quality images to choose from. The majority of images which you can source from stock image websites are royalty free, which means that you can use them anywhere without having to credit anybody. When you use stock images, you can also edit them to your liking and even distribute them in marketing campaigns — they’re perfect for ecommerce entrepreneurs. Image by contributor popovartem.com.See more stock photos of animals and wildlife.

3 Sites with HD Stock Photos to Boost Your Brand Visuals – MWWire

3 Sites with HD Stock Photos to Boost Your Brand Visuals.

Posted: Sat, 23 Jul 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

One thing to note here is that Shutterstock offers different pricing plans for stock photography, video content, and audio files. Your specific requirements will determine the final price you pay. As with many other options listed on this page, the number of images you use per month will influence your subscription fee. Worthy stock photography sites if you’re looking for professional, high-quality photo content for your templates, business projects, designs and more. Use the available CC0-protected images for your commercial purposes, including project advertisements, printing banners or flyers, without being afraid of violating the copyright laws. Picspree is a young free stock photo resource, but it’s backed by one of the most renowned companies in the industry, Getty Images.

Rgbstock – A Trusted Source for Quality Stock Content

Stock photography sites may not be as lucrative as they used to be — and that’s true for much of the photography industry as a whole. While Shutterstock may not be making photographers as much money as it used to, it remains a viable option for now. Additionally, Shutterstock provides its contributors with many useful tools and extras that most other sites do not. ShutterstockNext on the list, Shutterstock is another industry leader in the stock photo game. They claim to have paid out more than a billion dollars to their contributors in the last 16 years they’ve been doing business and those who got in early will attest to that. Shutterstock has traditionally been well-loved by photographers.

Image by contributor wzlv.Websites for wellness, health, and psychology all benefit from the tranquility of landscape images. Natural landscape images also fit perfectly on sites aimed at the adventure, hospitality, lifestyle, and real estate markets. Images of epic natural landscapes, such as forests, rivers, mountains, and oceans, have a calming effect on the user. They offer welcome respite from sites that are often filled to the brim with sharp neon colors and bright animations. The popularity of outdoor photography makes it one of the trending styles of 2020, described in our Creative Trends report. Secret Garden site design by Nhatminh Phan.Dark, moody botanicals in Rococo style add instant drama.

Also note that Adobe Stock images are divided into ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’ categories. The latter are premium quality, but more expensive, while the former is cheaper but more basic. Luke Bateman is a photographer and cinematographer from England. His photography career started with a 35mm camera and evolved into digital photography.

The following attribution requirements apply specifically for Creative Commons licenses, although said licenses are designed to be in compliance with most global copyright laws. Because the terms of rights-managed images are much more specific, you have to use them exactly as requested, as opposed to royalty-free images. One of the most important things about royalty-free images is not mistaking them for copyright-free ones. Under a royalty-free license, you pay once for a specified set of usage rights which allow you to use the image without additional royalty payments, so long as you use it as agreed. Any photo or creative work in the public domain may be used freely, since no one person or legal entity holds its copyright. In the U.S., copyright expires 70 years after the copyright holder’s passing, starting in 1933.

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Consider dividing your portfolio to include lots of variety so that clients can imagine what their final images would look like. Maternity, newborn, newlywed, and kid photos are all unique subsets. Their large banner image features four of their best portraits, framed on the wall above a comfortable bench seat.


Commercial photographers are usually booked for a project, so this is a good way to organize your portfolio. By showing the variety of images you can create on one topic, you give your potential clients an idea of the package you could create for them. Mazza is based in Texas and specializes in lifestyle portraiture. Her galleries feature fewer images that are presented bigger than most.

Amelia started her career as a fashion photographer and developed an iconic style. What we like about his website are the options to see his work as individual images and also as thumbnails in a grid. Check out the ’39 Best Photography Websites in 2023′ article and take your skills to the next level with our comprehensive video course on effortless editing with Lightroom.

DOD in Photos: 2022 – Department of Defense

DOD in Photos: 2022.

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What’s more, best stock photography sites a more straightforward system that omits digital credits. Nevertheless, Shutterstock’s subscription options offer some even greater savings. With both annual and monthly subscriptions available, customers can calculate just how much they’ll need to use the stock photo library in order to figure out which plan will yield the most. When looking for free photos online, the common man’s first thought would be a Google search. Google is merely an aggregator that displays images available on the web, they do not own the copyright of any of them so they are in no power to grant you their use.

To buy high-quality images from is no picnic in the park, we took upon the task of finding and listing the best stock photography library in one big fat list. All 1,000,000+ photos are licensed and copyright-free, but it’s worth mentioning that Life of Pix encourages attribution. However, you can’t download more than 10 images per day and if you want, you need written consent from the owners. That’s why, you may want to look for other stock photo websites. You can download a photo as a preview, add it to your Favorites folder, or go straight to choosing an available subscription plan.


There are even free stock sites for illustrations and vectors. Pixabay also allows easy access to “camera search,” which allows users to explore images based on the camera used to take them. This is a great resource for both beginners and professional photographers alike. StockSnap provides an excellent and extensive library of free stock imagery.

  • Overall, Deposit Photos offers a spectacular library of stock photos and similar content.
  • This is why this article lists the best stock photo websites to help you out.
  • If you like one of those photos, you’ll be redirected to the agency website to buy it.
  • But legally-wise, for commercial work, they aren’t the safest of choices.
  • A cool-looking site with lovely photos is awesome, but that’s not the only thing defining its suitability!

From its humble beginnings as a Tumblr blog, Unsplash has grown tremendously. It is not as refined as others, and you will have to adjust your search occasionally. This is quite a hefty price, but as they are partners with Getty, you’re guaranteed high-quality content.

This means you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. Unsplash is a good platform to get free stock photos for your projects. This website has unique content that you can’t find on any other platform. These photos come under a Creative Common Zero license and allow you to edit, modify, and use them for various purposes with no hassle.

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